Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Another Creepy Cute pattern that languished for years before finally being finished! My roommate had a birthday coming up and I decided that she and this monkey would make a good pair.

I'm very pleased with his curly tail.

When I said I didn't have any more safety eyes, I was doubly wrong. First of all, I misspoke, because I do have plenty of eyes, just not the 6 mm size that I use most often for amigurumi (not pictured here!). And I did have two 6 mm eyes left, but only one washer. But then! Miraculously, while digging around in my sewing box for a needle and embroidery thread to make the monkey's face, I discovered the missing washer! Because few things satisfy me as much as using something up (craft supplies, food in the refrigerator, stationery, etc.), I'm very happy to not have one unusable pair of eyes.

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