Sunday, May 27, 2012


I finally got a chance to give my secret project that I alluded to a while ago to its recipient. It's from Beth Doherty's Hep Cat pattern and I made it for my mom, to look like her old kitty that she had from before I was born until I was in high school. I made a few changes to the pattern that I mentioned on my Ravelry page, but overall I found the pattern really easy to work with and the product is great. My idea is to make one of each of my family cats, but it might take me a while... we'll see.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another thing to check off the list

Back to real life this week. I've been making small steps towards getting the apartment ready to move and finishing up at my job. This weekend, moving preparations have been more fun, including lunch with my old roommate and using up my gift card at Fibre Space, one of my local yarn stores.

Fibre Space is a great place to get Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarns so I went there with that in mind, because I thought it would make a nice souvenir of my time here. I arrived just as they were putting away 400 pounds of NFC, including some new colors! So I loitered around the store waiting until they were done, keeping my eye on a pretty gray that turned out to be a new colorway:

NFC Studio Sock in Charles Circle

The plan is to use this for Villeray, but I bought two skeins, so I could probably make a shawl out of it instead. So hard to decide these things.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home again

Last week I was away, visiting San Francisco and the Bay Area, eating the most delicious food ever and spending too much money and generally having a good time. My hobby of the week was picture-taking (along with most other tourists) so I didn't get much of anything done on any other projects. There was a moment, sitting in the Milwaukee airport waiting for my connecting flight to San Francisco, that I wished I was the kind of person who always had a sock they were knitting in their travel bag. I had an amigurumi to work on, but they are pretty much the worst travel project, with the possible exception of one-piece afghans. But from the moment I landed in San Francisco, I was too busy running around or planning my next day to even think about making things. (And when I was just plopped on the couch, I was more interested in indulging in the joys of cable tv - we don't get any tv service in real life.)

I didn't totally abandon my regular priorities, though: I did spend a morning making a pilgrimage first to Dynamo Donuts, where I had a beautiful lemon-thyme donut, and then to ImagiKnit. So much yarn! I think it's the most I've ever seen in one store so far. I asked for a good souvenir yarn and was directed to their Malabrigo test superfine merino, which apparently only they carry. Yep, that's a good souvenir. Incidentally, it was very hard picking just one yarn store to visit since the Bay Area seems to be full of them. It seems like a good place to be a crafty person.

Now I'm back, sort of, because after today I will be in finishing-my-job, packing-the-apartment mode, in order to move out at the end of May. What a month.

The Malabrigo Superfine Merino I picked up at ImagiKnit.