Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another thing to check off the list

Back to real life this week. I've been making small steps towards getting the apartment ready to move and finishing up at my job. This weekend, moving preparations have been more fun, including lunch with my old roommate and using up my gift card at Fibre Space, one of my local yarn stores.

Fibre Space is a great place to get Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarns so I went there with that in mind, because I thought it would make a nice souvenir of my time here. I arrived just as they were putting away 400 pounds of NFC, including some new colors! So I loitered around the store waiting until they were done, keeping my eye on a pretty gray that turned out to be a new colorway:

NFC Studio Sock in Charles Circle

The plan is to use this for Villeray, but I bought two skeins, so I could probably make a shawl out of it instead. So hard to decide these things.

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