Friday, July 22, 2011

What I've been knitting

I have not been doing nothing, but since I chose a lacy feather-and-fan pattern for my first serious knitting project, it's slow going. I'm working on the Old Shale Scarf pattern and it's going well, now that I'm past the early episode where I messed up a row, tried to pick out my stitches, totally lost my place and decided that the only thing to do was frog it all, crying the whole time. So really, I guess this is Old Shale 2.0. I'm about halfway done, judging by the yarn I have left, so no frogging now.

Next time I do something like this, I'm picking a light-colored yarn. The pattern doesn't really show up with this yarn, plus it makes me feel like I'm old and going blind when I try to work on it in the evening.

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