Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Renwick Gallery has the best of all museum after-hours events: Handi-hour. It combines some of the best parts of being a kid (unlimited craft supplies) and being an adult (having a couple beers after work), plus snacks, a scavenger hunt, music, and getting to hang out with a museum's collections after everyone else leaves. Tonight was my second Handi-hour and it was even more fun than the first one, since we got there early enough to get good seats and lots of supplies.

My coworker's coaster
My coworker's coasters

This time the crafts were tile coasters and felt coffee cup sleeves, although as usual you were free to make whatever you wanted, and lots of people did. I stuck to the suggested projects this time and spent the evening making a coffee sleeve. It's enormous, but it actually fits perfectly on my water glass, which is now very pretty and floral.

Then I came home and spent over an hour trying to fix a mistake in my scarf and get all my stitches back on the needles. One of my stitches is dropped and a few are twisted, but all are currently accounted for and I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll have time (and patience) to get everything going in the right direction again. And then once I do, I'm taking a crochet break.

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