Friday, November 25, 2011

Learning experiences

Does it count as improving at knitting if I'm learning more ways to make mistakes, and more ways to fix them? Actually, I think I made the same mistake on my Bias scarf as I did a few weeks ago, and I still don't know quite what I did. I also don't have any idea what search terms I used to find the page that helped me last time, so I had to come up with a different strategy for fixing it. Since I apparently can't stop messing up this scarf, I'm learning from last time and posting my links here: how to pick up a missed yarn over and correcting a missed yarn over. I unraveled back past the mistake, until I basically had a row of knit stitches missing all the yarn overs, then did the purl row and picked up the missing yarn overs as I went. Success! This way is much easier than what I did last time, so hopefully I will have learned from this and know what to do next time (I won't even pretend there won't be a next time) I make my weird mistake.

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