Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maybe a little too hungry

The Wool Eater blanket is, as many people on Ravelry pointed out, aptly named. I was prepared to be surprised by how much yarn it consumes and, well, I was. I got this far:

(i.e., only about halfway through the second color) and realized I had used up what felt like close to 1/4 of the white yarn. So... I'm thinking maybe a more appropriate stash-buster for my admittedly rather meager stash is something like a smallish granny stripe afghan. In fact, although my collection of skeins that I never touch seemed offensively huge a few days ago, I really don't have that much to get rid of. Except that purple.

But speaking of that, it really isn't a bad yarn. It's acrylic, but not nasty scratchy acrylic. I still want to use it up, but maybe I should be using it more for things I might actually want to wear than an afghan (or a small lap blanket, realistically) that I'll probably donate when I'm done with it.

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