Friday, August 10, 2012

Ravellenic Games: complete!

All done! I bound off on August 6, after eleven days of knitting. Before I started this project, if you had told me I would be able to finish a shawl in eleven days, I would have been stunned. After I started this project, if you had told me it would take eleven days to finish it, I would have been disappointed.

Since I knit slowly, from what I can tell, I thought that completing a shawl in sixteen days would have been do-able but challenging. But this went much quicker than I was expecting - so quickly that I got over-confident, or maybe I was paying more attention to exciting swimming races than to the pattern, because by the time I got into the second repeat of Section A I was making mistakes all over the place. For the most part, since I had plenty of time, I just undid all the rows rather than dropping down or trying some other method to patch things up. But then while re-knitting, I'd make a new mistake. Ugh.

So, about half of my total days were spent fixing my nonsense, and readjusting my pace to have a chance of finishing the shawl correctly without giving up on it in exasperation. And now it's all done and I have a shawl!

I'm waiting for cooler weather to find out if I'm actually a shawl-wearer. It was fun to knit, and I can see why people churn out shawls, but I need to make sure I'll have something to do with them before I get into that habit. In the meantime, my iPad needs a cozy, and I have Avengers mini-skeins from GnomeAcres to make it with.

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