Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finished scarf

I've delayed updating because I wanted to have a nice photo of my Villeray scarf to post here. I finished it a few days ago, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. The stitch pattern is very pretty, and the very subtle variegation in the yarn works great, but also - I blocked something competently! It was magical seeing it loosen up and become so drapey and lacey. Love. Here it is:

I need to knit more things I can block!

After finishing that, I had a couple knit- and crochet-free days to give my hands a break before the Ravellenic Games started. And now I'm working on Out Of Gas, for the shawl event. I'll be starting the lace section soon, and since I'm not a very fast knitter this feels like a blazing pace to me right now. But this is my first shawl, and I still have no idea how much of a challenge it will be to get it done - I could be finished in plenty of time or I could be tearing my hair out for two weeks, who knows. Fun!

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