Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tiny frog

It's been a while! I didn't have much to say because my main knitting project has been a present for someone, and then I was on vacation for two weeks in Japan. There will be more posts about both of those things later, but first, I did have one project post-sock that I can share:

Tiny frog! I made him using the Tiny Frog Kit from Mochimochi Land. The kit was a present to me for my birthday last year, and I was starting to feel a little guilty that more than a year had gone past and I hadn't made a frog yet. I had been intimidated by the idea of using DPNs to knit something both tiny and three-dimensional, but I guess I was emboldened coming off my sock success because this was the only thing I wanted to work on once the socks were done. He was extremely fiddly to make, but very rewarding, because now I have a tiny frog. I think making the other two (the kit has enough supplies for three) will go a little easier.

Other than the tiny frog and the above-mentioned gift, I don't have much yarny stuff to talk about. I did bring a knitting project to Japan, but worked on it even less than I expected to. It was nice to take a vacation from everything about my regular life, including knitting. Much as I enjoy it, it is easy to get into a rut.

I have another kit, also a present (this time from last Christmas) that's appealing to me right now, a sashiko sampler from Purl Soho. Although I've been interested in trying sashiko, and embroidery in general, for a while, my thinking for most of this year has been "Why start something new when I could just knit more things?" Now I'm more inclined to think "Why keep knitting things when I could also try something new?" Maybe it has something to do with having been in Japan, not only taking a break from my regular schedule for a while, but drooling over all the wonderful craft kits you can buy there.

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