Friday, August 9, 2013

Fricklebobb the Frolicking Nugget

A colony of bunny nuggets lives at my LYS. You can get to know some of them in last year's blog post, but since then, a few new ones have joined the crew. If that purple and teal guy in the middle looks familiar, it's because he's a cousin to my socks knit in Frolicking Feet.

Since I'm on the staff now, I wanted to get in on the nugget fun. The bunny nuggets are a free pattern from Rebecca Danger and they knit up in no time using scrap yarn.

This guy's name is Fricklebobb, and he has a sweet tooth: he quickly claimed dominion over the candy dish. Sadly, none of my pictures show off his wonderful pompom tail, but trust me, it's fantastic.

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