Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bag preview!

I spent the afternoon sewing a mock-up of this six-pocket bag pattern from Better Homes and Gardens.

This was the stuff that made me hate sewing when I was younger: all the preliminary work, the measuring, the pressing and unfolding and re-pressing. Sewing is too mathematical and unforgiving for me, but every now and then I really want to make something. My mom, whose hobby of choice is sewing, taught me the basics and tried to get me to understand "measure twice, cut once." I hated that saying.

Now that I'm a little older and slightly wiser, I can admit that it's probably better to take your time and end up with something nice, than finish as fast as possible but be disappointed with what you made. It also helps that the fabric I'll be using was bought for me in Japan, so if I mess it up, there's no going to the store to buy more AND I'll be ruining something that was meant as a present!

I'm very proud of myself for getting through a complete mock-up. I'm not even sure this is the pattern I'll end up using - I will at least increase the size by about 10%, if I do - but I'm so excited that in three and a half hours of work (including a whole range of setbacks and confusion about everything from how to thread my sewing machine to OMG MY NEEDLE BROKE) I have this little proto-bag.

By the way, I know I made a mistake with the raw edges on the exterior pockets. It was an obvious mistake but, yes, it's another reason why it's good to make a mock-up first. Mom was right (as usual).

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