Sunday, February 27, 2011

Felt friend

I want this! It's a felt kit for making a little felt kitty. Unfortunately, I don't think my felting skills are up to it yet (never mind that I wouldn't be able to read the Japanese-only instructions). I've only made one needle-felted project so far, which is my octopus friend:

My octopus friend is the product of the Octopus Friend kit that I got as a Christmas present. I had fun making him, although I underestimated how tedious making eight legs, each with three little suckers, would be. Still, I think my octopus friend will probably be getting another friend sometime, since I do have a lot of wool left over from the kit. And then I want to make a cute little cat... or maybe something like these cute little murloc tadpoles... as if I didn't have enough in my crafting queue already.

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