Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I enjoy cooking, but I don't think I will ever have a food blog. There are plenty of people already blogging who are more talented both as chefs and as photographers than I am. Besides, I don't have anything I can even pretend is a serving dish, so my food photos are never very pretty. And 75% of the recipes I love seem to come from smitten kitchen anyway.

But although I don't have a photo of it, or any insightful recipe variations, I really need to write about the clementine cake I made last weekend (yes, that's another smitten kitchen post). It was amazing. By which I mean it was delicious and moist and sweet, although it wasn't the best cake I've ever had. What amazed me is that yes, in fact, a cake that has five ingredients, none of which is flour and one of which is 5 boiled, pureed whole clementines, turned out so nicely.

I was also impressed with my experience because it was:
- the first time I used a springform pan (I went out to Crate & Barrel that morning to buy one!)
- the first time I baked anything flourless
- the first time I cooked anything whose main ingredient is boiled citrus, rinds and all.

The variation, using half lemons, mentioned on smitten kitchen sounds interesting. I might try that next time, and of course there will be a next time. Especially since I own a springform pan now.

(By the way, I do have a food micro-blog, @foodlings.)

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