Monday, April 1, 2013

Daffodil socks

My Daffodil socks are done! I'm happy with them, especially because of the bright and spring-timey colorway (Lucky Ewe from GnomeAcres). Despite the calendar saying it's April now, we're still getting snow here, and there are not really any leaves or flowers or anything yet. So, at least I have nice socks.

As I mentioned in my WIP Wednesday post about them, I used a US 1 1/2 needle, and I think they turned out just a teeny bit too tight. They're perfectly comfortable, but because I'm the one that made them and I know what I would do differently, I can't keep myself from thinking about that when I put them on. Hopefully I'll forget about that issue soon and just enjoy them!

I'm also happy with the pattern I used, Jeck by Regina Satta. The columns of slipped stitches add just enough texture without fighting with the colors, I think.

My collection of hand-knitted socks is slowly growing, now that I have three finished pairs. I already have my next two sock projects planned out, but first I think I want to take a little break and cast on something different. Come back for WIP Wednesday to see what I've got going :)

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