Friday, March 22, 2013

Donut Day: Etsy roundup!

Edible donuts are wonderful, but there's something to be said for non-edible donuts that you can keep forever (or at least a lot longer than the real kind). I was browsing Etsy and found all kinds of great hand-made donut-inspired items, so since it's Donut Day, I want to share some of my favorites with you.

Via soapopotamus
Via Whipped Up Wonderful

These are both soap! The one on the left is by Soapopotamus and the one on the right is by Whipped Up Wonderful. They look so delicious that I would have a hard time keeping myself from taking a bite, especially since they're also donut scented. Apparently donut soap is a thing - lots of the listings I found on Etsy were for donut-shaped and -scented soap.

Via Sweet Art Miniatures

Moving on from bath products to hair accessories, I thought these donut bobby pins from Sweet Art Miniatures were adorable. I don't even wear bobby pins, but I would make an exception for these.

Via Self Rescuing Princess

Polymer clay really lends itself well to tiny donuts. These donut charms from Self Rescuing Princess were some of my favorites that I found - I like that you can choose between a Krispy Kreme and a Voodoo Doughnut box. I think these would be fun to have as stitch markers!

Via Emariecreations

One more cute polymer clay mini-donut thing: pushpins! These are from Emariecreations. I've never seen donutty pushpins before, but I can't think why not. These are perfect.

Via BeesFeltMarket

Moving on from polymer clay to fiber: I love these felt play food donuts from Bees Felt Market. What an awesome bakery you could pretend to have.

Via FidoTheCat

Kitties also deserve felt donut toys! These ones from Fido The Cat are filled with catnip, of course. I know my cat would go crazy for them, especially given how much she loved the donut I made her.

Via NerdStitch

And last but not least, something very close to my heart: adorable amigurumi coffee and donut by NerdStitch. They look so happy together!

I hope you enjoyed my Etsy donut round up. I encourage you to visit the shops I linked here - even if donuts aren't your thing, they all offer other cute and/or yummy things to look at.

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