Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yellow friend

It's been a long time since I've crocheted any amigurumi, and even longer since I made one for myself. I've been stuck in this limbo where I want to make my own designs, but that's still a bit intimidating, and I've also mostly filled up my designated "amigurumi shelf." In other words, I've still been queueing and saving patterns but I haven't felt that enthusiastic about starting any of them.

Until now!

This is my little yellow friend. He is crocheted using Karissa Cole's free Skittles pattern, in some Caron Simply Soft. He's only two inches tall - so adorable and tiny! I like this pattern because it uses a couple of unusual techniques to get that cute effect. The arms and antennae are just strands of yarn with strategic knots, and the body is not stuffed with stuffing, just yarn ends from his appendages. This keeps the body from being too roly-poly and allows the little guy to sit nicely.

I liked my yellow friend so much that I immediately had to make another. From start to finish, my red friend took only an hour or less, during knitting night at my LYS (sadly, that's not my stash in the picture). It's a great quick and portable project, because it's so small and doesn't use much stuffing.

Expect to see more little friends soon in all the colors of yarn that I have!

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