Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Things

My previous post was my 100th post on this blog! When I started 26 Donuts, it was the latest in my many attempts to find my voice and figure out what I liked chatting to the internet about. Two years and 100 posts later, this hobby-journal of mine seems to be working pretty well for me. At this point, I'd like to put a little more effort and a little more "me" into it, and not let it lapse into silence when I don't have an interesting project, or when I'm disappointed in what I'm working on and don't wanna talk about it. So, I'm planning to do a few regular, weekly posts. Without awkward further ado, please enjoy my first Saturday Things post.

I know that when bloggers do "[Day of the Week] Things" posts, they generally write them as a numbered list of ten to twelve odds and ends. But I don't think I have that much to talk about! Instead, I'll try to share one or two things that have made me a little bit happier, you know, in the way a donut now and then will do.

So, to start things off: cute pets! On Instagram!

Photo by msy1515
Photo by marutaro

I follow a random assortment of accounts on Instagram, including a few real-life acquaintances, some bloggers, and a couple of crafty people. But, most of the accounts that I follow are cats and dogs! As it happens, most of them are Japanese, because the first pet-account I discovered belongs to someone from Japan. I checked out the accounts they followed, and found a gold mine of other cat- and dog-stagrams. The best thing about these Japanese pet accounts is that it's a thing, I guess, to post daily "good morning" and "good night" photos. So now I start my days looking at all these adorable dogs and cats saying "Good night" or "Oyasumi" and wrap up my evenings by seeing them all wake up and tell me "Good morning" or "Ohayo" (it's backwards, because of the time difference, but that's okay).

Photo by hanaruko
Photo by beemo_cat

If you're interested, a couple of my favorites are marutaro, a shiba inu named Maru; hanaruko, another cute dog called Hana; msy1515, who has three cute cats and two pretty dogs; korokoronya, who has both a cute cat and a cute baby; and katetsai, who always has amusing descriptions on their cat photos.

And of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention beemo_cat, who is not Japanese but who is my Juniper's handsome male doppelganger.


Annnnd, speaking of my Juniper, of course I had to make her an Instagram account of her own. She's on there (and on Tumblr) as smallsnugglecat, so check her out too if you're planning to start your own Instagram pet collection!

Leave me a comment if you know of any other cute pets on Instagram - or any other accounts I should follow, since I'm still getting the hang of it.

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