Thursday, February 28, 2013

Allow me to show you something awesome

I follow a few blogs and Pinterest accounts that post about home design and put up nice pictures of thoughtfully-decorated living spaces, but honestly, most of them don't hold my attention for long. Maybe it's because I've been a renter all of my adult life and will be for the foreseeable future, or maybe I'm overwhelmed by the time and talent it must take to get your house looking so nice.

Or maybe it's because I have the design aesthetics of a three-year-old.

Behold, my dinosaur clock! I bought this tiny white clock at IKEA for 99 cents, because we needed something in the office to tell time (yes, the computers are in there, but sometimes we're playing a game full screen and can't see the desktop clock).

I consider most blank, flat surfaces to be empty canvases waiting to be sticker'd. This seems to be something I inherited from my grandmother, because wherever she goes, stickers are left behind. My plain little white clock was just crying out for decoration, so I went to a store in my neighborhood that sells cute Japanese stuff and, after much deliberation, chose these excellent dinosaur stickers.

Unfortunately, as soon as I put the stickers on the clock, they started dropping off again. But I was not about to let my clock go back to being naked, so I spent a while carefully spreading glue on the back of each sticker with a toothpick and re-attaching them.

So far, so good! I know it looks silly, but it makes me smile to see all the little dinos.

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