Friday, February 15, 2013

FO Flashback: awesome dragon!

Snow dragon

This guy is so exciting that I had to give him his own post. I love this dragon, and out of everything I've crocheted from a pattern, he is definitely my masterpiece.

Snow dragon

The pattern is Christina Powers's Asian Dragon. If you look at her pictures, you will immediately notice that my dragon doesn't look a whole lot like hers. If you look at the 90+ other projects made with this pattern, you will notice that almost none of them look like hers, and a lot of comments saying "I don't know how to get my dragon into the same shape as the one from the pattern pictures." I still don't know, and I have kind of mixed feelings about this pattern. On the plus side, the finished product is intricate and beautiful, and the pattern is well-written, very long and detailed and includes a tutorial for the weird backward crocheting. On the other hand... that weird backward crocheting. If I recall correctly, that's what's supposed to give the dragon's body its bendy-twisty shape, but I just couldn't get that to happen. Maybe I and almost all of the people who have made this misunderstood the instructions, but... I kind of doubt that. It's a little disappointing, because I think there are easier ways to shape crochet that would result in the dragon body that nearly everyone seems to get from this pattern anyway.

But! That is not to say that I regret using this pattern or that I'm not happy with this dragon, because I love him! He lives on my amigurumi shelf, a little away from the others because he is, frankly, more awesome.

Snow dragon

I finished him during the week I was off work for Snowmaggedon in 2010, which gave me a great opportunity to photograph him in the snow. These pictures still make me happy.

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