Monday, March 18, 2013

FO Flashback: amigurumi

Time to revisit my FOs from March in years past! I have several amigurumi, but only one that hasn't shown up on my blog before:

This is Ebirt. For a few brief years, Colonel Ebirt was my college's mascot, but these years coincided almost exactly with my time in school, so Ebirt is forever our one and only mascot in my mind. A couple years after I graduated, I decided to crochet my own little Ebirt. This was the first time I crocheted something without a pattern - I did use the Amigurumi Dude pattern to get his head started, but I improvised the rest. I was, and still am, very happy with how he came out. He's been to campus for a few visits, but these days he hangs out on my amigurumi shelf with the rest of his buddies.

Ebirt visits Lord Botetourt
Ebirt visits Lord Botetourt
Ebirt goes to see TJ
Ebirt visits Thomas Jefferson

In March of 2011, I finished my baby bunny and my ninja, both of which I blogged about previously. Not much has happened in the baby bunny's life. At some point I gave him a pink ribbon to wear around his neck, and he spends his time sitting next to my other bunny that I made from the same pattern. The ninja technically belongs to my boyfriend, but it turns out he's also just sitting on my amigurumi shelf these days. Don't ask me how he got there (he's a ninja).

Last March, I finished my kitty, which I blogged about last May after giving him to my mom as a Mother's Day present. As I mentioned there, I designed him to look like my mom's old cat. He lives in my parents' house with the other things I've made over the years. I had, and maybe still have, grand plans to make more cats with that pattern to look like our other kitties. One is currently a WIP that I always intend to pick up again and never manage to, so if I ever do get that done, I might reevaluate my plans to make another two more (we are a cat family).

And, I also finished Nessie last March! Nessie is currently living in Scotland with my friend, and even got to go visit Loch Ness last year. I'm hoping to share some of those photos here, so I'll save that for another post.

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